Why does my business need appitapp.com apps ?

All modern businesses need  mobile apps to reach & interact with their customers.

The popularity of apps is exploding with billions of downloads.

Every business now needs smartphone apps, just as they need websites, email etc.

Consumers are spending more and more time on their mobile phones & tablets, even more than they do on their computers and laptops.

Consumers are increasingly expecting businesses to provide Mobile Apps.

Smartphone apps can place your business directly in the palm of their hand.

Your application on their smartphone, can ensure your business, it’s products & services, information and latest news is always only a tap away.

appitapp.com provides your business with low cost access to smartphone apps.

What is the difference between an HTML5 App, an Android App & an iPhone App ?


When accessing your website from a mobile device, users can more easily access your business information from virtually any brand of smartphone or tablet.
Visitors get a clear and simple user experience, less need to scroll, resize or search around.
All the important information is only a tap or two away.

Android & iPhone Applications

Android & iphone smartphone applications “Apps” are essentially feature rich portable web sites with a big advantage, they are native. Your clients can have your business directly on their mobile phone or tablet.
Clients with your Applications downloaded onto their smartphone, ensures your business information, products, services and latest news is always only just a tap or two away.
Take your business viral. Your clients can very easily share your business details, products, special offers etc. with their friends. Helping spread the word about your company.
Specifically designed for Android smart phones & iPhones, feature rich native Android & iPhone Apps allow your business to engage directly with your customers.

Check out all of the great features here

Some of the features your business can benefit from include….

Promoting and selling your products & services, launching new products & services, updating menus, setting up loyalty programs, making special offers, promoting upcoming events etc.

Increase customer interaction. Your customers can keep up to date with your latest news and information, make reservations & appointments, receive your messages, special offers, share with friends etc.

You can also send messages (push notifications) directly to your customers via your app at no extra cost.This can be a powerful tool that can encourage an immediate response.

An example of the kind of message you can send –


How does appitapp.com work ?

It’s easy as 1,2,3

1-Select the apps you want.

2-We set them up

3-You Control.

Update and edit your apps whenever you want.
Send messages to your customers whenever you want, all via your control panel.

Can I change and update my apps content & images ?

This is the whole focus of the appitapp.com service. You control your apps content.
Just Login and make the changes you want from your easy to use control panel.

How do I send messages (push notifications) to my app users ?


– Login

– Go to Messages

– Enter the message text & click “Send”


Can products &/or food items be made available for purchase within the apps ?

Yes, if you select the Shopping Cart Feature or Food Ordering Feature you can include products/food items.
*Please note, to use these features your business requires its own PayPal &/or Google Checkout account.

To get you started we will set up a maximum of five of your products or food items as an example. You will then need to add all of your products/items yourself, via your control panel.

Can I pay Appitapp.com to manage, update, edit my applications & send out messages to my customers for me ?

Not at this time, to keep your costs low we do not currently offer this service.
appitapp.com set up your selected apps & thereafter you control them.
With appitapp.com there is no need for extra expense should you want to make changes to your content or send messages to your customers.
Just login to your control panel & do it yourself whenever you want.

Is there a long term commitment ?


There is no fixed length of contract, just pay as you go month to month.
Keep the service/apps as long as you want

What is the Set Up fee for & how long does it take ?

This is the fee we charge for setting up your apps.
When you have selected your apps & paid the relevant set up fee(s), appitapp.com set up the app(s) you have chosen based on your current website.
Thereafter you are in control.
You edit & update the app(s) as often as you want.

Set up time varies, generally it takes around 15 working days to set up your apps. + Apple takes around 14 days to publish apps on itunes.

Currently appitapp.com is offering special app set up fee packages 

Does appitapp.com provide new design work, revisions or  make corrections ?

No. appitapp.com set up the apps you have selected once, based on your website (it’s current images, text, information etc.) To keep set up fees low, we do not make revisions, corrections or new designs.

After we have set the apps up, you may add/alter any text & images you want and make any changes you wish. Whenever you want & as often as you want, via your control panel.

What are Monthly Access Fees for ?

Monthly access fees keep your apps live & provide you access to your control panel.The monthly access fee currently includes, Unlimited App Downloads, Unlimited Messages & Unlimited Control Panel access.You control your apps content using the control panel, you can change text, images, send messages, etc. Whenever you want & as often as you want.

What are Renewal Fees ?

Should you wish to continue using your apps, a renewal fee is charged every twelve months from the date you initially purchased our services. The renewal fee is currently £199.

Does appitapp.com guarantee Apple & Google will accept my business & app(s) ?

Obviously we cannot 100% guarantee this, as Google & Apple are separate entities out with our control.  Although there is a high likelihood of approval, we do not and cannot guarantee acceptance. Appitapp.com will use reasonable efforts to have the application(s)/business approved by the appropriate mobile platform provider.

Why is appitapp.com so inexpensive,  thousands ££££’s less than bespoke apps ?

Low Set Up Costs

appitapp.com eliminates expensive design costs.

We set up the apps you select based on your website.
This set up process does not include any design work, changes or revisions, eliminating extra expense.
We offer a wide range of features suitable to virtually every type of business

Low Ongoing Costs

The low monthly fee includes hosting and unlimited control panel access.

You are in control, ongoing costs are virtually eliminated because you edit & update the content of the apps.
Login to your control panel any time you want to…
-update content, change/edit text & images as often as you need
-send push notification messages to your customers as often as you want
-add/update products & services
-change menus, daily specials
-announce events
-set up & manage virtual loyalty cards, gps coupons
etc. etc.

Bespoke android & iphone applications, without all the features appitapp.com’s system includes, would cost many thousands and also take months to develop.

Bespoke Apps are…
Very expensive to develop because developers time is very expensive.
Costly to maintain and to keep current with Android & Apple’s software updates.
Expensive to make changes to content, because you have to pay a developer every time you want to make a change.
Basically you need to have your developer constantly on call.

appitapp.com provides businesses with low cost access to feature rich android, iphone & Html5 applications.